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Outstanding Member of the Year Award

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This award is given to a member of the kennel club each year in appreciation of their time given either past or present and dedication to the club.

2018 Outstanding Member of the Year

Ryan McPherson, He saw a news blip about our dog show and thought what a great activity to take his family too.  He was impressed with our club and our junior handler program.  His family joined and he took off running.  His daughter is a great junior handler and he has more children to follow in her footsteps.  Ryan headed a successful handling seminar in October 2018.  He took over handling classes in 2019.  Ryan is always there for our club and is always full of good humor!

2017 Outstanding Member of the year

Karen Starnes, She was a new member to our club and didn’t hesitate to jump in and help out in any capacity.  She took over and expanded our raffle table at our shows.  She has rescued dogs for years and started showing Pugs. She learned quickly and was natural in the show ring.  She breeds and shows Pugs.

2015 Outstanding Member of the Year

Heather Sawyer, She helps the handling classes throughout the year, she tries to keep the website up to date and organizes the banquet.  She breeds and shows Great Danes.

2014 Outstanding Member of the Year

Howard Yost, He is our club’s Treasurer and works hard throughout the year for our club.  He breeds and shows English Cockers.

2013 Outstanding Member of the Year

Teri Belanger, She annually volunteers to work at our all breed show.  Teri breeds, shows and handles Shiba Inus.

2012 Outstanding Member of the Year
Tina Sanderford, is our President, she recently bred her first litter of Alaskan Malamutes and has begun to show them.
2010 Outstanding Member of the Year
Anna Faust,  our 2nd Vice President.  Anna is a breeder of Hanvanese and handles them in the conformation ring.
2009 Outstanding Member of the Year 
Tina Sanderford, is our current President, she has Alaskan Malamutes which she handles herself in the conformation ring.